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4 MOTORS 2212 1000KV 4 ESC 30AMP


Size: 30A-45 X 24 X 8mm

voltage range: 4 V-16V

BEC output: 2A

Protection features: automatic selection 2-3 LIPO

were protected voltage is 6 V/9V;

automatically elected NIMH, each protected voltage is 0.8 V;

security started, throttle position does not prohibit started

temperature protection, the surface temperature of 110 degrees downtime

; out of control

protection, without Signal one second after the shutdown.

Property Description: speed limit, within a 2 to as

high as 300,000 to 12 to 50,000, to a very, very

foreign to the 14 to 42,000. 8KHz PWM control,

the use of speed control curve. Automatically

adapt to the accelerator, more suitable for remote control devices.

The use of BEC, MCU separate power supply, a more stable work.


Brushless Motor A2212


No load Current : 10 V : 0.5 A.

Maximum current: 12A/60s.

Apply to the ESC : 30A.

Apply to the Lipo : 2 - 3S.

Shaft diameter : 3.175mm.

Package Included:


4 x A2212 1000KV Brushless Motor

4 x 30A ESC

2212 1000kv 4 Brushless Motors 4 ESC 30AMP

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