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The New Vortex-RC 3K High Performance carbon fibre tubes is our range of 3K Woven Finish tubes which have a stunning high-gloss / Matte woven carbon fibre finish to complement their incredible strength. With the classic appearance of 2/2 twill carbon fibre coupled with 100% roll-wrapped prepreg carbon fibre construction, these remarkable tubes look as good as they perform.

This tube is ideally suited to a wide range of applications such as radio controlled models (RC Planes) , UAVs, Drones, Multicopters, recreational equipment, sporting goods, robotics and photography/video equipment (tripods etc.).

Different from Pultruded carbon fiber tubes, a roll-wrapped tube is lighter in weight, stiffer and stronger. It is widely used for many projects in sports, RC, robots, etc. by hobbyists for surface protection.

3K Carbon fiber tube with high strength, stiffness, excellent load bearing performance.  

This 3K Woven Finish tube is manufactured from alternating layers of unidirectional prepreg carbon fibre for maximum strength with the final layer swapped for 2/2 twill, 3K woven carbon fibre so that the tube has the classic appearance of woven carbon fibre.

This means that although the tubes are designed for demanding mechanical applications, they also look fantastic, adding a cutting-edge carbon fibre appearance to any application.


  • Outer Diameter: 20MM  |  Inner Diameter: 14MM
  • Wall Thickness: 3MM
  • Length: 1000MM
  • Weight: — g  
  • Material: 3K  Carbon Fiber Twill Matte Finish

carbon fibe tube 20x16x1000mm 3k Pure Mate finishing

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