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DJI Naza M Lite Multi Flyer Version Flight Control Controller w/ PMU

Power Module & LED &Cables & M8N GPS & stand holderAll-In-One

DesignFor entry-level enthusiasts,

DJI now brings out the

most cost-effective solution, the NAZA-M Lite flight control system.

As the simplified version of NAZA-M, it inherits the high reliability and

stability of NAZA-M. The innovative All-in-one design simplifies

installation and saves space and weight. It contains inner damping,

controllers, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and barometer in its light

and small Main Controller. It can measure flying altitude,

attitude and therefore can be used for autopilot/automatic control.

DJI Naza-M Lite Features- All-in-One Design- Advanced attitude stabilize

Algorithm- Multiple flight control mode/intelligent switching-

GPS Module Available/Accurate Position hold- Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)

- Failsafe mode

- Low voltage protection

- Motor Arm and Motor Dis-arm

- Support  S-Bus and PPM receiver

Supported multi-rotor types

- Built-In Gimbal Stabilization Function

- Remote Adjustment


Package included:

1pcs DJI NAZA-M Lite MC

1pcs DJI NAZA-M Lite LED

1pcs DJI NAZA-M Lite PMU

some Cables

Dji M lite flight controller

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