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Specification:Brand Name: EmaxModel: FS2306Item Name: 2306 1700KV 3-6S / 2400KV 3-4S Brushless MotorVersion: CW Screw ThreadKV: 2400KV

3-4S @ 2400KV

Outer Diameter: 23mm

Length: 6mm

Shaft Diameter: 5mm

Size: Approx. 27.9 * 29.7mm

Wire Specifications: 20AWG 120mm

Suitable Propeller: 5 inch or 6 inch (Not Included)

Recommended ESC: 40-60A

Suitable Wheel Base: 200-220mm

Application: compatible with EMAX Hawk / Buzz FPV Drone


Package Included:1/4 x Emax FS2306 1700KV Motor

Emax Freestyle 2400KV 3-4S Brushless Motor

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