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WE are Official Dealer of EMAX in Pakistan

Our EMAX Certificate upload above in produtcs pictures.

These are 100% original emax products we are directly buying from emax as dealer we are guaranteed of original, every product has a online verification code sticker you verify from emax website.... Thanks
Further information contact us...


- GT2826-04 (1090KV - 752W )

This EMAX brushless motor serie is very versatile and can power many types of airplanes or electric gliders.

The prop can be fitted on both sides, the two adapters are included.

These motors can use 3S to 5S LiPo batteries.

Test results :
LiPo : 3S-4S
Prop 10x5 or 11x5.5
RPM : 13200 t/mn
Max current : 47 A
Thrust : 3100 gram 3.1kg
Kv : 1090
Stator dimensions : 28 x 26 mm
Shaft diameter : 5 mm
Weight : 175 g

Package Includes:

1 x brushless motor3 x connectors

1 x prop adaptor

1 x rear prop adaptor

1 x motor mount

EMAX GT2826/04 1090KV Thrust 3100 gram 3kg

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