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GARTT ML 5210 340kv thrust 4610gram 4.6kg


  • High magnetic energy ndfeb magnet steel-n45sh with 150 degrees heat-resistant..
  • To support the high speed(up to 15000 spin), we used the imported japanese nmb bearing and hrc55 degrees stainless steel axis..
  • Using the heat-resistant varnished wire enwinding the motor coil, 600mm weld wire(extra-soft silicone wire) can be cut optionally..
  • Each rotor was balanced with high speed,ensure the motor high-speed runnung without shake..
  • The vane-type design can reduce motor temperature with a big cloud of steam..


GARTT ML 5210 340kv thrust 4620gram 4.6kg


voltage     Propeller   Thrust

24v 6s       15x55      2930gram

24v 6s       17x55      3830gram

24v 6s       18x55      4180gram

24v 6s       20x55       4620gram


we also upload the data sheet above in pictures.


Motor KV: 340KV 
Motor Resistance (RM): 0.0622 Ω
Idle Current (Io/10V): 0.7A/10V
Max Continuous Current: 40A
Max Continuous Power: 960W
Weight: ≈230g/8.11oz
Lipo Cell: 4-6S
Motor Diameter: 60mm/2.36in
Motor Body Length: 30mm/1.18in
Configu-ration: 24N22P
Overall Shaft Length: 36.7mm/1.44in
Shaft Diameter: 4.0mm/0.157in
Bolt holes spacing: 25mm/0.98in
Bolt thread: M3×8

Package include:

1x ML5210 340KV brushless motor 

8x screw

1x propeller plate

Gartt ML 5210 340kv 4600gram 4.6kg thrust Brushless motor

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