Hobby Eagle A3 Pro Aeroplane RC Flight Controller Stabilizer System Stabilizer Gyro for RC Airplane Fixed-wing. 

This is best stablizer for rc plane it stable your plane automatically and level it. 
No chance of your plane crash. 
This is best for every rc plane flyer especially beginners who are learning rc plane flying. 
Its support 6 flight mode according to ur choice. 
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32-bit processor, high-precision 6-axis MEMS sensor, perfect hardware design and stable new firmware to provide more reliable performance;

6 flight modes: off mode, normal stabilization mode, attitude lock mode, coaching mode, auto balance mode and automatic crane mode;

3 kinds of airfoil: conventional fixed wing, delta wing (flying wing), V tail mixed control

Compatible with most traditional receivers, supporting standard PPM single wire receivers and Futaba S.Bus and S.Bus2 single line receivers;

Aileron, lift, direction of the three axis sensitivity independent adjustment;

Support remote total sensitivity control;

To provide the steering relay neutral point trimming (Sub Trim), travel limit set (Travel Limit);





Main controller: 32-bit microprocessor

Built-in sensors: high-precision three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer

Gyro range: ± 2000 dps

Acceleration range: ± 4g

PWM output: 920uS ~ 2120uS, the median 1520uS / 50 ~ 333Hz

Working voltage: 4.8V ~ 8.4V

Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Dimensions: 43 × 27 × 14mm

Weight: 10g (without connecting cable)



Connection reference (electric version):


A3 Pro has five independent input channels and three servo output interface, support the traditional parallel receiver, standard PPM single line receiver and Futaba S.BUS or S.BUS2 a total of three kinds of receiver type. [MOD] for flight mode switching, can be connected to a three-stage switch channel, in the flight to switch three kinds of [AIL], [ELE], [RUD] are connected to the receiver aileron, lift, direction channel; Different flight modes. If you are not connected to the [MOD] channel, the gyroscope will always operate in the pre-set flight mode at switch position -1; [PPM / Bus / G] is the remote total sensitivity control channel and can be connected to a knob or slider (PPM / Bus / G) is also available as Futaba S.Bus and PPM single line connection if you do not want to use the total sensitivity function or not to connect. When the input interface is used.

Hobby eagle A3 pro RC plane stablizer

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