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This PDB has 5v output 3A output

Integrated voltage & current sensor for flight controller

UBEC Maximum Input Voltage: 7~42V(10S LiPo)

PCB Maximum Continuous Current:120A

Holybro Micro Power Module (PM06 v2)


PCB Current: 120A continued
UBEC Current: 3A Max
Power input: DC 7V~42V(2S~10S)
Power output: DC 5.1V~5.3V
Dimensions: 35x35x5mm
Mounting hole: 30.5mm*30.5mm
Weight: 24g

Make the PM06 show the quantity of electric charge of your battery
Mission Planner setup:

  • Connect PM06 to the battery, also connect it to Mission Planner via USB.
  • Click “INITIAL SETUP” and come to the menu “Battery Monitor”.
  • Make “Monito” into “Analog Voltage and Current”.
  • Make “Sensor” into “9: Holybro Pixhawk4 PM”.
  • Make “HW Ver: “The Cube or Pixhawk” (pixhawk4,pixhawk4mini,pix32v5,pix32)”※
    “HW Ver:  Leave this blank(Durandal)”※
  • Input “18.182” into Voltage divider (Calced).
  • Input “36.364” into “Amperes per volt”.
  • Disconnect and reconnect it to finish the setting up.(“Measured battery voltage” shows the current quantity of electric charge of the battery.)

Holybro Micro Power Module

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