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  • Multi-constellation GNSS module: The M10Q-5883 uses a multi-constellation GNSS module powered by u-blox SAM-M10Q-00B. This allows the receiver to concurrently receive four GNSS signals (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou), maximizing position availability even in challenging conditions like in deep urban canyons.
  • Exceptional sensitivity and acquisition time: The SAM-M10Q features the u-blox M10 standard precision GNSS platform, providing exceptional sensitivity and acquisition time for all L1 GNSS signals
  • Super-S technology for improved accuracy: u-blox Super-S technology offers great RF sensitivity and can improve the dynamic position accuracy in non-line-of-sight scenarios
  • High-gain patch antenna: The M10Q-5883 comes with a high-gain 15 x 15 mm2 patch antenna that provides the best balance between performance and small size. The omnidirectional antenna radiation pattern increases flexibility for device installation
  • Replace the Discontinued version: M8Q-5883 and M10-5883

MATEK M10Q-5883 GNSS & Compass Supports GNSS

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