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The factory standard includes IPEX connector wire antenna.


VT58 Series Map Transfer is 5.8G ISM Band Analog Map Transfer.


It has the characteristics of stable output power, long transmission distance, strong power filter, and can ensure that the image under the maximum throttle has no snowflakes, no cross stripes and so on.



Not only that, but also the XF58 series image transmission has the remote control OSD interface remote frequency control, no interference with peers at boot-up moment, and the super function of supporting more than eight people flying at the same time.


The output power is stable and the transmission distance is long.


Transmitting power 4 gear switching and PIT maintenance station mode


Output 37 Frequency Points (in accordance with U.S. law)


Fast frequency locking and no interference with peers


Self-checking function with output power


Full video format


Wide range of input voltage and low power consumption


Small size and light weight



Installation Hole Corresponds to CC3D NAZE32 F3 F4 Flight Control


product name:



XF5805 5.8G Transmitter


Product Specifications:


Output power @transmission distance: 0.5km@25mW, 1km@200mW



Four transmission power: 25mW/100mW/200mW/300mW. PIT maintenance station mode is also supported.


Frequency point: 37CH


Video format: NTSC/PAL


Input voltage: 7V~26V


Power consumption: 12V/180mA@200mW


Volume: 35mm x 35mm x 5mm


Installation hole position: 20*20mm


Light weight: 3g (no antenna)

1 x XF5805 MINI Transmitter


1 x AV Cable


1 x Antenna


MINI VTX XF5805 5.8Ghz FPV Transmitter 25mW 100mW 200mW 300mW 37CH APEX

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