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  • The modified version of airspeed head adopts digital differential pressure sensor, I2C communication, suitable for Pixhawk, adoting Px4 original firmware
  • Different from analog differential voltage sensor APM adopts, APM is not universal

Pixhawk PX4 PIX Airspeed Sensor IMU Kit PITOT for Autopilot Flight Controller

Update Airspeed Sensor Breakout Board is using Digital differential signal IMU ,12C communication, suitable for Pixhawk using PX4 firmware .
this is complete different with APM Analog differential signal. its not compatible with APM . so please make sure before your purchase.


  • Airspeed Sensor Pitot Tube x1
  • Silicone wire x1
  • Airspeed Sensor Breakout Board x1
  • 4 Pin connecting cable x1

Pixhawk PIX PX4 Airspeed Tube Pitot Digital Airspeed Meter sensor

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