The kit include:


- F450  Quadcopter Frame built in pdb for esc 

-  Landing skids for quadcopter
- APM2.8 Flight control  x 1

- M8N GPS latest  x1
- 2212 920KV Brushless motor (2x cw, 2x ccw) x4

    Thrust each motor 900gram x 4 =3600 grams total thrust
- SimonK Brushless 30A ESC x4
- 1045  propller cw/ccw x4PCS (2Pairs) 

- apm 2.8 power module current sensor (always power apm with power module)

-gps holder  x1

-apm shock observer x 1


quad f450 apm 2.8 with gps m8n complete kit