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Name: Digital Servo

Pulse width: 500 μ s-2500 μ s =180°

Operating speed: (5V): 0.22sec60 °

Operating speed: (6V) 0.21sec60 °

Operating speed: (7.4v) 0.19sec60 °

Stall torque (5V):

Stall torque (6V):

Stall torque (7.4v):

Motor: Coreless Motor

Dead band: 3 μ s

Ball Bearing: 2BB

Working Frequence: 1520 μ s/330hz

Dimensions: 41x20x40.5mm

Weight: 68g

Packing list:

1 x QY3240MG 40KG Large Torque Digital Servo

1x acceories

GX servo QY3240MG High Speed full Metal Gear 40kg Digital Servo

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