RadioLink SU04 PixHawk Ultrasonic Sensor

Detection distance: 40cm-450cm

0.4cm Detecting Precision, Zero Fade Area

Compatible with PIXHAWK or MINI PIX

The RadioLink SU04 PixHawk Ultrasonic Sensor has a built-in 32-bit processor, with breakthrough software and hardware double filter technology which makes it having a 30ms fast response, accurate obstacle avoidance without delay, effective man-machine protection. It is compatible with PIXHAWK or MINI PIX, automatic identification the interface protocol of I2C, UART and MAVlink.


Weight: 8g(with wires)

Input voltage: 4.5-5.5V(do not support HV)

Current: 18mA@5V

Power: 90mA

Operating temperature: -20°~80°

Detection distance: 40cm-450cm

Detecting precision: 0.1CM

Acoustic emission frequency: 40+-1.0MHz

Beam angle: 60 degrees (transmitting receiving hybrid)

Fade area: 0(it will show 40cm)

Output protocol: I2C, UART, MAVlink

Duty Cycle: 30ms

Radiolink SU04 Pixhawk Ultrasonic Sensor obstacle avoidance