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Pixhawk RGB module full-color LED USB external indicators extend Pix Flight Control Accessories  For Quadcopter Helicopter Descriptuion:Pixhawk-RGB module has the following characteristics: The RGB LEDs to display extended to the exterior, when connected to the module, built-in RGB flight control automatically turns off; Extension of USB ports, convenient USB cable from the external links, without limitation flight control installation location; Pixhawk onboard with identical Toshiba LED RGB controller and Osram's high-brightness LED; Molex connector and the original 1.25 HRS original USB socket to ensure optimum contact stability.  Instructions for use:The Interface I2C flag 4P cable plugs connected Pixhawk part of the flight control I2C port, if I2C port is occupied, please use the I2C breakout board; another part of USB plug connected to the USB port of the flight control, you can complete the connection; when used, the onboard flight control RGB light will automatically turn off, unplug the plug is for the use of the onboard I2C RGB again.Size / weight: 18 × 18 × 5mm/4g (with cable) Package includes:Pixhawk-RGB module × 1Cable 200mm × 1 

RBG module for pixhawk

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