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The latest speed controller from T-Motor designed exclusively for fixed-wing radio-controlled model aeroplanes and other unmanned aerial vehicles.Weighing approximately 63 gram s including cables and with a support for burst currents up to 75A (Short bursts only), this ESC has excellent power capability! The icing on the cake for this ESC is the onboard UBEC which is a switching BEC supporting 5V/5A output for your receiver and servos. This type of BEC means the AT55A can happily support up to 6s Li-Po batteries but please do reduce the number of servos when using 4-6s batteries.

This is a programmable ESC. The following configuration options are supported from your transmitter, with the defaults shown in bold.

  • Brake: Enabled/Disabled
  • Battery: Li-Po   2-6S
  • burst currents up to 75A
  • Bec : 5v/ 5 AMP
  • Weighing approximately 63 gram
  • Low Voltage Cut-off Mode: Limit power/Cut off
  • Low Voltage Protection: Low/Medium/High (2.85/3.15/3.3V)
  • Startup Mode: Normal/Soft/Super-soft (300ms/1.5s/3s)
  • Timing: Low/Medium/High


Please note that before flying, the throttle range should be calibrated due to the different end points of various transmitters on the market. The startup procedure for this calibration is a simple matter of setting transmitter throttle to 100% and then connecting the battery to the ESC. After the ESC emits two beeps the throttle can be moved to 0% at which point further beeps confirm the process is complete. This only needs to be done if you change your transmitter or receiver settings.

T-Motor ESC 55A 2-6S with 5V 5A Switching BEC

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