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500mm Frame


Carbon Fiber Landing Gear.



Name: X4 500 Carbon fiber;

Wheelbase : 500mm;

Center Upper and bottom plate: Glass carbon fiber

rest all frame 3K carbon fiber

Center upper and bottom plate: 1.5mm thickness;

Motor mount seat:2.0mm;

Weight: about 475g

Suite for our 2 axis or 3 axis gimbal

Arm carbon fiber tube : 14x16x200mm;

Landing gear carbon fiber tube: 14x16x200mm;


Recommended config (Not Included):

Motor: 2212 2216 2312 3508 motor


Flight controller: APM / Pixhawk / Naza M lite flight controller;

Propeller: 10 ,11 ,12 ,13 inches

Battery 3s 0r 4s 4200 or 5200mah


Package included:

1 set X4 500 500mm Frame Kit

X4 500mm carbon fiber frame

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