Name: BLS 30A (peak 40A) Motor with high KV value Function: DSHOT 150/300/600/ONESHOT Firmware: BLHeli-S Firmware Voltage: Supports 2-4S battery power supply BEC Output: NonePCB Specification: 13*25*5.4MM Weight: 5.4G PCB + Power Wire Length: 12CM PCB + Signal Line Length: 16CMCharacteristic: The circuit with 12 ESR capacitors can effectively reduce the interference to image transmission equipment and improve the stability of the system. 1. Use original and authentic components to ensure the high quality of electric regulation, especially excellent current resistance. 2. The new BLHeli-S firmware makes the throttle linear. 3. Special for multi-axis optimization, and good support for fixed-wing and helicopter. 4. Overtemperature protection. 5. BLS firmware, DSHOT600 digital signal support BL program parameter adjustment. 6. High-speed drive IC, smooth start, quick response. 7. Supporting high KV motors to start quickly and fly violently. 8. Exposed PCB solder joint. Direct soldering with motor wire. Connect firmly and fly at ease. 9. Miniature size, light weight. Make the installation more convenient, flight more sensitive.

YR RC 30A Blheli_S opto Esc Dshot 600