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930KV A2212 2212 15T 930KV Brushless Motor BLDC Motor 2-3S Outrunner Motor With 3.5mm Male Banana Bullet Plug Jack Fixed Wing For F450 S500 Frame RC Drone Airplane Aircraft Multi-Copter Quad-Copter Helicopter

Each motor is PRE-SOLDERED with 3.5mm male gold bullet connectors, and includes an accessory pack with collet-style prop adapter, X-mount plate, and matching set of female 3.5mm bullet connectors. (Note: if purchased with a Suppo ESC, the speed controller will come pre-soldered with female 3.5mm connectors).

The A2212/15T Brushless Motor is commonly used for quadcopters, model planes, model boats and other DIY kits. Combined with an electronic speed controller, these motors make for a powerful, lightweight, way to move your model. This specific motor has 15 turns per pole and has a shaft speed of approximately 930RPM / volt. Generally, this would be used with models weighing 300 – 1000g.

This motor has a 3.17mm (1/8”) hardened steel shaft and features dual ball bearings. The motor kit also includes a bullet style propeller adapter, motor mount, and hardware. We recommend a minimum ESC rating of 15A and 2-12VDC power.


  • With long life ball bearings, efficient stator steel and oxygen free pure comer wires, CNC machined aluminum case,
  • Magnets and silicone wire leads are able to withstand high temperatures.
  • Powerful brushless motor bring you a stimulated flight.
  • High Patented Balance Techniques 5.Suit for RC Airplane Multicopter F450 S500
  • XXD A2212 15T 930KV brushless outrunner motor comes with high quality at an affordable price
  • Made of aluminum alloy, it is produced from the latest CNC milling machines
  • Designed with high power and rotation, it is enable to provide longer run time for RC fixed-wing and multicopter.


  • Mode: A2212
  • KV: 930
  • Package Include:

  • 1x A2212/15T 930KV Brushless Motor
  • Motor Accessory Set

A2212 930KV Brushless Outrunner Motor 15T with soldered bullet connector

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