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45A BLHeli_S ESC

The latest EFM8BB21F16G high speed control chip.

A 6-layer, 3-ounce copper-thick and high-quality PCB is adopted, and the layered layout of large current and small control signal is adopted to enhance the anti-jamming ability. The gold plating process on PCB surface can effectively improve the current resistance and heat dissipation ability of electric regulation.

Integrated RGB multi-color bright LED night light, night flight is even more dazzling.

It supports BLHeli-S and DShot 150/300/600 digital throttle. It has strong anti-jamming ability and quick response.

By default, the hardware PWM is turned on and the Damped Light hardware PWM drives the motor. The noise is low and the throttle response is smoother.

Damped Light mode, regenerative braking function, make motor deceleration more sensitive and effective, control more precise; Active continuous current technology, so that the battery recovery power, prolong the duration.

Voltage: Support 2-6S power supply

Working current:


45A: Continuous current 45A, peak 55A/10s

Support protocols: dshot 125/300/600, oneshot 125

Weight: 6g

Size: 13*28.5

Power cord length: 18AWG 90mm

Signal line length: 150 mm

Package included: 


Cyclone 45Amp BLHeli_S ESC Supporting 2-6S

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