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XF5804 Pro





5.8G 40 frequency point has 8 competition frequency points of group E, which are used simultaneously without any mutual interference

Stable output, long transmission distance

5th gear power 0mw / 25MW / 200MW / 400MW / 600MW

Self test of output power, fast frequency locking, no interference with colleagues after power on

Full format video NTSC / PAL

Black sheep 2.0 protocol, built-in OSD parameter setting function

Wide voltage input 7-24v

Product name: xf5804 picture transmission

Product size: 36 * 36 * 5mm

Installation hole distance: 30.5mm

Weight: <6G (without antenna)

Power supply voltage: DC 7-24v

Video format: automatic NTSC / PAL format

Number of channels: 40ch

Channel display: LED combination display

Parameter setting mode: Press / OSD / betaflight

Interface: sh 1.0-6p port



Package include:


1Pcs Cyclone XF5804 PRO Transmitter

Cyclone VTX XF5804 PRO FPV Video Transmitter 5.8G 48CH 25 / 200 / 600mW

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