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Emax GTII-2212T Brushless Motor 2450KV

Threaded Shaft for RC Airplane .

Thrust :1kg

3s  6inches Prop


Framework: 12N14P
Length: 48.1mm
Diameter: 27.7mm 

Propeller Sizes 2450kv: 5"-6"
Motor weight 2450kv: 52.3g
Prop adapter shaft thread: M5
Bearing Shaft: 4mm
Shaft Thread: CW
- Silky Smooth Precision Ball-bearing
- Durable Steel Shaft
- High Quality Anodizing
- 19x16mm Mounting
- Multi-strand Winding for optimal performance
- Long 120mm 20 AWG Silicone motor wires w/ bullet connectors

Package lncludes:

5x M3x6 Screws for Motor Mount
5x M3×6 Screws for End Bell
5x M3×7 Screws for End Bell
1x Washer and Screw for shaft
1x Aluminum M5 Ny-lock nut
1x Motor Mount

Emax GTII-2212T Brushless Motor 2450KV for rc plane 1kg

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