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  • 【Multi-channel】: FLYSKY FS-ST8 is the default 10CH and FS-SR receiver, CEV04 enables channel expansion for 8-10 channels and supports FS-CGSO1 GPS module.
  • 【Low power consumption】: The remote radio system is built with high-sensitivity receiver chip and low-power components, thus reducing more power consumption. 4 x 1300 mAh AA NiMH batteries can last for more than 10 hours, which can extend the battery life.
  • 【Two-way communication】: External antenna modifications, upgradable strong signal antenna, able to send and receive data, can be paired with a 3-segment audio coach port, able to receive data from temperature, altitude and many other types of sensors.
  • 【Gain antenna】: remote radio system using high gain and high quality multidirectional antenna, reserved external antenna hole, can upgrade the external antenna independently, it covers the entire frequency band, can reduce interference while using less power and maintain a strong and reliable connection.
  • 【A variety of performance】: with transparent lights and ambient assembly holder, can be used with a cell phone holder, Type c interface, suitable for multi-rotor helicopter glider boat drone, lightweight upgrade instantly improve the overall performance of control and durability, so you can enjoy the joy of playing.

FlySky FS-ST8 2.4GHz 10CH Radio Transmitter With SR8 Reciever

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