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Imax b6 1-6S balance charger Discharger 80W 6A

lipo balance charger with power supply 12v


1.Suitable for charging LiPo, LiFe, NiMH and NiCd batteries.

2.Max discharging power is up to 5W.

3.Designed with fast charging and storage modes for Li-Po.

4.Having detection for temperature, current and charging time.

5.Coming with T cable, which has strong ability in conducting current.

6.Built in stand-alone balancer for Li-Po.

7.Professional charger and discharger for software control.

8.Compact size is convenient to carry.


Power Input: DC 11 - 18VoltCircuit

power : Max. 80WCharge

current range : 0.1~6.0A

NiCd/NiMh  battery cell count : 1~15cellLi-ion/Polymer

cell count : 1~6seriesPb battery voltage : 2v to 50v

Weight : 450g


package includes:

1 x imax B6 LiPo battery balance charger

1 x charge cable with T-plug

1 x Multi-fuctional extension wire

1 x Universal crocodile clip

1 x JST plug

1 x Manual

1 x 12v power supply

ImaxB6 80W lipo balance charger with power supply

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