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Item: JHEMCU F4 NOXE V3 Flight Controller
Brand (trade name): JHEMCU
Model: F4 NOXE V3
Main Control (MCU): STM32F411CEU6/100MHz
Sensor: BMI 270/Gyroscope/Accel
Video Overlay (OSD): AT7456E
Barometer (Baro): Yes (only full version).
Black box (black box): 16MB (only full version).
Input voltage: input voltage: 2S-6S (7.4V-26V)
5V-BEC: 5V/2.5A ± 0.1V
10V-BEC: 10V/2A + 0.1V
Receiver: ELRs (CRSF), TBS (CRSF), SBU, IBU, DS M2, DS MX.
HD interface: Yes
LED strip: yes
Buzzer (buzzer): support 5V active
ESC signal (ESC signal): PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot,
Dshot 150, Dshot 300, Dshot 600
USB: Micro-USB
Current terminal] (current port): Yes
Voltage sensor (voltage sensor): Yes
Dfu button (dfu button): Yes
Firmware: Betaflight_4.3.0 JHEF 411.HEX
Size: 27X27X5mm
Mounting hole: 20x20x3mm
Weight (weight): 4.4g

  • Package Included:
  • JHEMCU F4 NOXE V3 Flight Controller x 1

JHEMCU F4 NOXE V3 F411 Flight Controller 5V 10V BEC OSD 2-6S

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