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Mini 35A 2-5S 4in1 ESC:

BLS U 35A V2.1 2-5S 4-in-1 electronic stability control system

The newly developed BLHELI_ S 35A V2.1 4 in 1 miniature electronic stability control

High system integration, greatly reduced than standard size, excellent performance, support 5S,

The target is J-H-25. Support DSHOT, MULTISHOT, ONESHOT, etc.,

The pad is half-expanded, saving space and being durable.


EFM8BB21F16G single chip microcomputer, fast remelting; increase capacitor to reduce power

Noise; electronic stability control system with BLHELI_ firmware

Support 2-5S voltage input, 4PWM input

Compact size 31 * 31MM, ultra light 6.1G


Specifications: MCU: EFM8BB21F16G, ammeter: yes input: 2-5SLIPO

Mounting holes: 20X20 MM, M2

Target: J-H-25

Conventional: 25 amps

Peak: 35 amps

Size: 31 * 31MM (including power cushion)

Mounting hole: 20 * 20MM

JHEMCU NOXE F4 V3 / F7 Flight Control + 35A ESC + XF5806 400mW VTX Mini Stack

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