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Transmit power: 70mW

Frequency: 2401-2479MHZ (2.4ghz band)

Channels: 6

Transmitter Power: 4xAA or 2s 7.4v Lipo

Receiver power supply requirements: DC +6 V

Weight: 550 grams

Applications: Planes (fixed wing) multiror.

Mixing: V-tail and Elevon

Reciever: MC7RB with M.Bus (S.Bus)

MC7RB Reciver

Spare MC7RB Receiver

7 Channels

S-FHSS 2.4ghz

Built-in Antenna Design

M.Bus (S.Bus compatible)

Model: mc7rb

Channel: 7channels AND M-BUS

Power supply: 4.8-6V

Decoding way: 1024 PPM/PCMS

System: 2.4G S-FHSS system

use for MICROZONE 2.4G S-FHSS system Transmitter, it is new receiver

Microzone Mc6c 6ch with mc7RB reciver 7ch

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