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IT is pixhawk 2.4.8 superior quality product.....

Advanced 32 bit CortexM4 ARM high performance processor, can run RTOS NuttX real time operating system;- Integrated backup power supply and failure backup controller, the main controller can be safely switched to backup control;

- Provide redundant power input and fault transfer function;

- 14* PWM/ actuator output;

- Bus interface (UART, I2C, SPI, CAN);

- Provide automatic and manual mode;

- Color LED lamp;

- Multi tone buzzer interface;- Micro SD to record flight data;


The board integrates with PX4FMU+PX4IOPixhawk is with new 32 bit chip and sensor technologyProcessor:

32 bit 2M flash memory STM32F427 Cortex M4, with hardware floating point processing unitMain frequency:

256K, 168MHZ RAM32 bit STM32F103 backup co processor

Sensor:L3GD20 3 axis digital 16 bit gyroscopeLSM303D

3 axis 14 bit accelerometer /magnetometerMPU6000 6 axis accelerometer / magnetometer

MS5611 high precision barometer

Interface:5* UART, 1*compatible high voltage, 2*hardware flow control2*CANSpektrum DSM/DSM2/DSM-X satellite receiver compatible


inputFutaba flysky Tranis Frsky etc SBUS compatible input and output PPM signal inputRSSI (PWM or voltage)

inputI2CSPI3.3 and 6.6VADC

inputExternal USB MICRO


BlackSize: 50x81x16mm/2.0x3.2x0.6

Weight: 48g

Package included:

1 x 2.4.8 Pixhawk main control

1 x Safety switch
1x 4 GB memory card

1 x Flight control shell

1 x Buzzer


Pixhawk 2.4.8 with 4GB SD card Led switch & buzzer

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