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1. 2.4G technology, FHSS 67 channels frequency-hopping spread spectrum, highly resistant to anti-jamming.
2. Receiver response time is 2ms, ensuring a fast response and better control.
3. Smooth and highly sensitive to control inputs and stable at distances from 200-300m.
4. Compatible with a variety of vehicles, suitable for RC cars, RC boats and RC tanks.
5. With brake and fail safe, out of control protection function.
6. Each of the 3 channels can be set respectively, supporting mixed control of 1 and 2 channels.
7. Voltage range of the transmitter. 4.8V-6V voltage warning:
8. Voltage range of the receiver. 3.3V-6V, working current 30mA, supports high voltage servos.

Specifications of Transmitter:
Channels: 4
Mode Type: RC Car Boat Tank
RF Power: Less than 20dbm
Response Time:10s-12ms
Control Distance: about 200-300m
Voltage Input: 4.8V-6Vor 1.5AAA*4
Low Voltage Warning: 4.5V
Net Weight: 260G
Size: 180*80*145mm

Specifications of Receiver:
Channels: 4

RC Remote Controller TX4 2.4GHz 4CH Radio System Transmitter With 4CH receiver

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