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  • It is a waterproof servo that does not affect the operation when it gets a little water.
  • High-precision metal gears with hard anodizing, CNC aluminum middle Shell.
  • Suitable for: 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 Scale Clawer Truck, Traxxas, scx10, Arduino RC Car / Robot /Boat and other remote control models
  • This steering servo is stable and quick response time, strong, advanced linearity, stable, low noise and waterproof.

Apply Environmental Condition:
Storage Temperature Range: -30℃~80℃
Operating Temperature Range: -25℃~70℃
Standard Test Environment:
Temperature Range: -25℃~70℃
Humidity Range:65%± 10%
Mechanical Specification:
Materials of the gear: Metal Gear
Connector wire length: 320 ± 5 mm
Horn gear spline: 25T/ψ5.9mm
Electrical Specification:
Working voltage range:4.8-7.2V
No load Speed: 0.22sec/60° (4.8V)0.18sec/60° (7.2V)
Running current : 160mA (4.8V); 220 mA (7.2V)
Peak stall torque : 28.5 kg-cm (4.8V); 33.8kg-cm (7.2V)
Stall current: 2600mA± 10% (4.8V); 3400mA ± 10% (7.2V)
Control Specification:
Command signal:Pulse width modification
Neutral position: 1500 μsec
Dead band width: 5 μsec
Running degree:180°±3°(when 500-2500μsec)
Pulse width range: 500→2500 μsec


Packing included :

1 set X 30KG 180 Degree Digital Servo,

1 X 25T Servo Horn.

Metal Gear 8130 Digital 30kg 180 degree servo waterproof full metal gear

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