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S550 PCB Frame 550mm PCB Board

with Carbon Fiber Landing Gear Upgraded

S550 PCB version 

Frame Kit 550mm PCB Board  with 

Carbon Fiber Landing Gear


- 550 upgrade Hexacopter

- Learned arm design from DJI S800 EVO, and enhanced

- good work with camera 3 -2 Axis brushless gimbal for FPV

- PCB Center plate

 with solder point built_in power distribution board.

 PCB version is the copper foil center board.

 can direct welding ESC and power plugs

 using 5μm copper foil specifications higher than

the same occupation,can carry more current.


Wheelbase: 550mm

Weight: 405g

Motor suggest: 2212 ,2312 ,2216 , 3108  etc 

Prop suggest: 1045/1047/1147/1238 

Battery suggest: 3S-4S 2200mAh-5200mAh


Package Included:

S550 Hexacopter frame kit

With Carbon Fiber Landing Gear 

Hexacopter S550 550mm with carbon fiber Landing gear

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