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Brand Name: T-Motor

Model : AS2303

AS2303 Specification   
Motor Sizeshort shaft ¢28*16.5mmCentrifugal heat dissipationON
StatorResistance to 150℃ high temperature coatingRotor balance standard<5Mg
Slot-pole12N14PMotor overall balance standard<10Mg
Motor shaft diameterIN:4mm, OUT:3mmDustproof waterproof levelIP35
Shaft Model684ZZ BearingOther AccessoriesO Type ring 2.0*20mm*2
Magnet LevelResistance to 150℃ high temperatureCross round head self tapping screwM2*5mm*4
Silicone TypeEnamelled wire leads out 40mmAluminum adapter ring 10*5.5*7*2.5mm*1
Insulation Level of Enameled WireResistance to 220℃ high temperatureAluminum adapter ring 10*5.5*8*2.5mm*1
Coil Insulator Test500V high-voltage insulation test 


KV1800KVRated Voltage2-3SNon-load current(10V)0.5ARecommanded ESC20-25AMax.Current(A)180S10ARecommanded Prop7035/8040/9050Max. Pow er (W)180S67W/2SWeight (with wire)17gResistance(with wire)236 milli-ohmPackage Weight50g


T-MOTOR AS2303 1800KV

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