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P2207 V2 - 2550KV

  • Lead: 20#AWG 150mm
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Shaft Diameter: 4mm
  • Motor Dimensions: Ø27.5*31.35mm
  • Weight Including Cables (g): 34.3g
  • Rated Voltage (Lipo): 4S
  • Idle Current (10V): 1.3A
  • Internal Resistance: 43mΩ
  • Max. Power (60S): 545W
  • Peak Current (60s): 38.6A


  • 1 x T-Motor Pacer V2 P2207 - 2550KV







T-MOTOR Pacer P2207 v2.0 2550KV

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