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The 2020 upgraded version of the ZD720 frame has been tested and practiced by the team for many years, and the ZD720 frame has been fully upgraded. The arm adopts two types of upturn 3 degrees and 0 degrees.


The number meets the needs of mold friends, and the effect is better. The folding parts/metal pipe clamps are made of all metal materials, and the thickness of the upper and lower plates has been changed.


Move, 0 vacant position, take off and landing more stable, not shaking and more resistant to fall, increasing the safety of the aircraft, folding and retracting more labor-saving. 8-hole motor base, compatible with more motors.



The diagonal wheelbase of the motor base is about 720mm,

and the flat-angle wheelbase is about 395mm,

supporting 15-16-17 inch propellers


Weight: 675 grams


Recommended configuration: (not included)

Motor 3508/4208/4110 /5008/5210 and some other

you can contact us for futher information

ESC  40A  60A 50 A ESC


4s 3s 6s

The measured flight time is about 20min more

ZD720pro quadcopter carbon fiber

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